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Scent Control 

Hunting Expert Jake Surratt

Step 1

Wash your clothes. At the end of every season I wash my hunting gear in cold water and Dead Down Wind’s laundry detergent. When it comes out of the dryer, I spray it down with the Evolve 3D and put it into my scent free tote.

Step 2

I do not wear any hunting clothing in the car to drive to the field. I am a firm believer in waiting to get dressed until you arrive at your hunting location. Once we arrive at the field, I change into my clothes. As I am changing, I spray each layer down with Evolve 3D. Make sure to spray down your pack and your back!

Step 3

My shoe preference changes with the season. If I am wearing leather boots, I spray them down with Nose Jammer. Nose Jammer is a newer product on the market that gives a slight smell of vanilla. Most hunters are very reluctant to try it. Once you do, I can promise you it will make a difference.

Step 4

Once I get to the bottom of my tree, I spray the base of the tree with Nose Jammer. I do this because it’s where you are going to spend most of your time in one spot. Nose Jammer will create a fog that will help block the olfactory gland on the deer.

I am a big believer in two scent control companies on the market today: Dead Down Wind Evolve 3 and Nose Jammer. Dead Down Wind produces multiple products that I use during season. I truly feel they help mask the human odor.



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